Our Game Changing Technology

Discover what Liquit’s powerful application management platform can do for you.

Liquit Workspace

Liquit Workspace gives your end-users clear and dynamic access to all of their applications in a pleasing and productive way, allowing for an optimized user experience that will remain consistent across any device.


Key Features

  • Consistent presentation of your applications regardless of device
  • Easy personalization to suit your individual work habits
  • Hassle-free application delivery, anytime and anywhere

Liquit Access Manager

Organizations deploy hundreds of applications, and managing access is challenging. Liquit Access Manager is a fully integrated single sign-on solution that works fluidly with Liquit Workspace to make application access simple, immediate and productive for your business


Key Features

  • Contextual awareness makes granting access to the right users simple
  • Intelligent identification and authentication improves security and efficiency
  • Streamlined processes make IT departments’ lives easier

Liquit Release & Patch Management

Liquit Release & Patch Management streamlines and simplifies the process of configuring, deploying and updating applications, meeting and exceeding your highest expectations. Give your IT team more headroom with a significant reduction in time spent on these tasks.


Key Features

  • 3,000+ curated applications at your fingertips
  • Staged deployment process configures applications optimally and easily
  • Deployment integrations create predictability and flexibility

Liquit as a Service

Why reinvent the wheel installing software yourself when you can get Liquit as a Service through one of our partners? Liquit as a Service is the safest, most risk-free option for anyone looking for an application management solution.

Key Features

  • No capital expenditures for your business
  • Be up and running quickly, doing the work that matters
  • Rest easy knowing your satisfaction is guaranteed

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