All Your Applications. One Unified Experience.

Liquit Workspace offers end-users simple yet dynamic application management, ensuring a consistent, customizable user experience across any device. Liquit Workspace takes care of the technology, empowering your people to focus on the work.

A Workspace Designed to Make Business Easier

Liquit Workspace ensures users automatically have the latest version of the applications they need, delivered in the way that they want.

Self servicing allows the user to get what they need from an easy-to-access catalog of applications and or services.

Consistent presentation on any device, including Smart Icons that deliver contextual application access, Microsoft Teams and Office 365 integration, and local access without an internet connection.

Hassle-free delivery quickly gets the right applications to the right users no matter where they are, removing inefficiencies and reducing IT tickets.

Benefits of Liquit Workspace

True Work-From-Anywhere Capability

As remote work becomes a fundamental part of conducting business, end-users need the flexibility to function at peak productivity regardless of device, location, or internet access.

Efficient Application Management That Lasts

Once you have Liquit Workspace, your users have the only application management platform they will ever need. As applications evolve, Liquit future-proofs your application management.

Unburdened IT Departments

With end-users having complete self-servicing capabilities for all their applications, IT departments have more time to deal with bigger issues and less time to spend on one-off fixes for individual users.

Happier, More Productive Users

When end-users can spend more time being productive and less time figuring out how to make applications work with a certain device or browser, everyone benefits.

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We are using Liquit as the basis for our new Digital Workspace. It makes our application management and delivery much easier to maintain and saves us a lot of time. Every organization who is facing difficulties with their application management should start using Liquit.

Niels Zegers

Infra Manager at Lamb Weston